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Natluk S.A. it is a family owned business, started its operations on September 1, 2010 in Playas, Ecuador. His main motivation was to support the socioeconomic development of the area as well as surrounding cities.

Natluk S.A. is one of the fewest companies that can offer a complete portafolio of shrimp, products that goes from the biggest size to the smallest size on wild and farm shrimp in every presentation.

Natluk S.A. It is one of the few Ecuadorian companies that can offer a complete portfolio of the shrimp species that our country has. They start from the watercolor shrimp to the largest and smallest sizes in wild sea shrimp. All sizes, all species.

Our mission is to consolidate efficient productive associations that guarantee the stability of the producers, a permanent growth of the human talent and the economic and social development of a community dedicated to the sustainable production and export of shrimp with high potential in the international market for its quality .

We seek to position the identity of our products through the development of communities satisfied with their participation, respecting and caring for the environment and nature.

Make our employees feel that their contribution is perceived internationally and if the work is reflected in the socioeconomic growth of their homes and our country.

Diversify the market and grow, we have developed our project in order to achieve a product of excellence and international quality that can be exported to the demanding markets of the United States, Europe and Asia.

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VerĂ³nica Dahik A.


Alex Dahik A.


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