Social Responsibility

We have consolidated a relationship of harmonious and solidary cooperation with associations such as Las balsas, Punta Chopoya, Hijos del Mar, Cooperativa and San Pedro through the purchase of the product at fair and competitive market prices, adding them to the value chain, through Of the creation of work sources for members of the same community, which we have called Playas Gold

Approximately 350 cooperative members are owners of boats that every day venture into fishing activities to bring what we put on our customers' tables today.

To our Community

In 2016, Natluk S.A. launched a social responsability program with several local artisan fishing cooperatives in the region, among them Las Balsas, Punta Chopoya, Hijos del Mar and San Pedro. Each year, and for every pound of shrimp the delivery to Natluk S.A. PLAYAS GOLD will give back to local communities - health programs, schools instruments and public works - to achieve tangible benefits for the cooperatives.

There are approximately 350 cooperative partners who, as boat owners, adventure out on daily fishing excursions to bring home what we put on your table today.

To our People

  • Direct loans for home improvements
  • 80% of our employees are women
  • Constant training in labor and personal development

To the Environment

  • Green areas development on the company's and its sorrounding.
  • Correct enviromental practices
  • Waste, Odor and Noise Control
  • Sustainable fishing practices